Good Eats

Here's a list of good eats in the Bay Area.  There was some disagreement about the list.  Someone who dines in New York has a serious problem what is considered good in the Bay.  The culinary "pecking order" is New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, then San Francisco.  There's good, there's okay, and then there is the Bay.  Some places just aren't worth what they charge, other places are unbelievable.  Here's a list of what stands out in the San Francisco.

In the city:
Espetus One of the best Churrascarias (Brazilian Steak Houses) in the Bay.  Imagine over 15 different kinds and cuts of  barbequed meat, continuously served until you say stop.  Oh yeah, and there is a salad bar.
House of Prime Rib
Harris Steakhouse One of the best steakhouses in the San Francisco.
Off the Grid Biggest collection of the Bay's gourmet food trucks in one place.  Moves during the week from Civic Center, UN Plaza, 5th and Minna, Upper Haight, and Fort Mason Center.  Must try it on Friday 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Fort Mason Center, biggest collection food trucks in one spot.
The Cliff House Rebuilt historic restaurant overlooking the Pacific on a cliff.  It's 3 separate restaurants in one place.  Must try their Sunday brunch.
Beach Chalet Located a few miles down the road from the Cliff House, this restaurant and brewery has good food and a great view of the beach.
R and G Lounge Chinese restaurant in the Financial District near Chinatown.  Must try their Salt and Pepper Crab, their signature dish.
San Tung Chinese restaurant in the Sunset District.  Must try the dry-fried wings.
Shalimar Great curry, hot naan, it's tasty, and best of all it's cheap.  
Piccadilly Fish and Chips Great little shop for fish and chips.  Tartar sauce is excellent.  
Tee-Off Bar and Grill A five-star dive bar.  Come for the Mac and Cheese, stay for the beer.  Seriously, their macaroni and cheese is the best I ever tasted.
Chairman Bao Foodtruck This surprising addition of mobile Chinese food is better than many restaurants.  Check their facebook page for their locations and menu.
Burger Bar Hubert Keller's burger restaurant in Macy's.  Sounds too expensive, but surprising not and it's good.

East Bay:
Skates Located on the water in the East Bay (Berkeley), this place has a great view and great seafood.
Hs Lordships Another great place on the water, in the East Bay (Berkeley) with great food and next to Skates.
Chez Panisse Famous restaurant by Alice Waters in the East Bay (Berkeley).
T-Rex Restaurant and Bar Think of this place as an upscale, yuppie BBQ bar in Berkeley.  Great drinks, good beers on tap, and good food.  Portions are modest and some dishes are pricey.
Townhouse Bar and Grill Located in Emeryville, which is the town just south of Berkeley.  Upscale, yuppie bar and grill.  Great calamari appetizers and great beer.
Venus Restaurant Located in Downtown Berkeley serving seasonal american cuisine.  Must try their breakfast or brunch. If you visit in the fall, you can try their gingerbread pancakes and smoked bacon.  Also, try their Cloud 9 double espresso with whipped cream and chocolate savings.  
Triple Rock Brewery Located in Berkeley and one of the first brew pubs in the States. The founders are considered the founders of the modern micro-brew.  Food is decent and the burgers are good.  Come on Thursday nights for their special Monkey-Head Brew. 
Gregoire French gourmet food that is fast.  This restaurant has two locations: one in Berkeley, the other in Oakland.  More expensive than other fast food places, but higher quality and tastier.  Must try the potato puff balls.

North Bay:
Fish. Not sure if it's called "Fish Period" or just "Fish", but this is the best place for a crab roll, the west coast take on a lobster roll.  Sweet dungeness crab with Strauss organic butter on a warm torpedo roll will keep you coming back.  Located in Marin County, see blogpost here.
French Laundry One of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation and one of the most expensive.  Reservations are taken two months prior to the calendar date...and they fill up fast.  Located in Napa Valley (technically Yountville) the other famous restaurant by Thomas Keller.