Eu-jeania's Picks

"This should be titled, 'Confessions of a High-Maintenance Woman'" - said my fiance...
"whatever" was my response ;-)
Yes, I'm probably one of the pickiest people ever to exist. It probably started with my New York City upbringing where you can get anything and everything you want whenever and however you want it. That picky standard was then compounded by my work abroad in Japan... Now there's a place you can get the best of the best of the best of anything you want... if you're willing to pay. San Francisco is quite different from NYC and Japan.
And for my fiance, although I can be a pain in the butt to "maintain" at least when I say something is good, it means it's beyond excellent. Because if it's not beyond excellence and perfection, I'll say it's not all that...
I've probably upset a few people in my time because of that, but for people who are as picky as I am, they definitely turn to me for recommendations knowing that I will be completely honest with my high maintenance standards. And for those who are not picky, well, without a doubt, they'll at least be satisfied with my choices.
Sometimes with my comments, I'll only recommend one thing... it's because it's the only thing on the menu that I would recommend for high maintenance people. And sometimes if a high-end restaurant isn't on my list, most likely it's because it hasn't made my cut and not because I haven't tried it yet.
So on with my "super high-maintenance picks" :-)


Cupkates - Salted Dulce de Leche cupcakes are amazingly wonderful. I didn't say anything about the other cupcakes because my recommendation is just this particular cupcake...

Auberge du Soleil - in Napa Valley - I always enjoy lunch there... my favorite is their cow's milk burrata, but so far every meal I've tried at lunch there has been wonderful. I think this is the only restaurant in all of the bay area so far where I can say that it meets the level and standard that I would recommend to high maintenance people. I haven't tried dinner there just yet, but lunch every time has been wonderful. My hats off to the chef.

Venus - Gingerbread pancakes are great, but unfortunately, they only do it for a brief period of time in the fall. Their bacon is also great with some smokey flavor that just sets into their bacon that I haven't been able to find anywhere else so far.

Gregoire - Their potato puff balls are really great together with its dipping sauce.

San Tung - Dry-fried chicken wings - It's their best dish and it's awesome. It's sweet and spicy. Every table in the restaurant has an order of their wings every time I've gone there.

R&G Lounge - Salt & Pepper crab - their signature dish... but if it's not in season, it can be expensive.

Piccadilly Fish & Chips - Hole in the wall, but their tartar sauce is amazing and goes great with their fish.

Tee-Off Bar and Grill - Dive bar, but amazing Mac&Cheese. They have a chef at this dive bar... not sure exactly why, but I'm sure it's a personal thing. It's gourmet Mac&Cheese made with a number of different cheeses cooked on your own personal small iron skillet and then baked in the oven before it comes out to you.

Fish - located in Sausalito, if you like Dungeness crab, their crab roll is great. They use a lot of crab meat (which is probably why it's so expensive) and instead of mayo, they use butter... yeah... they know how it's supposed to be done...