About Us

You never visit the touristy places like the Golden Gate...until your relatives or friends are coming.  Then it's a mad scramble to figure out where to go and what to do.  There's a ton of websites that tell you what to do and where to go, but how good is it?  What if you visit sunny Baker Beach....only to find it shrouded in fog?  Maybe because it's summer and "June Gloom" is in effect for the morning and clears up in the afternoon.  Or maybe they want to go to Napa and try wine or hiking in Yosemite Park?  Then there's a bunch of other websites to search.  The internet is great, but you have to know where to look.

And what about the best places to eat?  There are several websites that help (Yelp! is a great one), but you have to know where to look or what you want.  Sometimes even with filters you get flooded with results.

So we started putting together this website for the friends and relatives who visit the West Coast.  This will start out covering Northern California and eventually include San Diego, because you never know where you relatives want to go.